Tim Segaller

Tim Segaller
Mindfulness Teacher & Executive Coach

AMS2022 Learning Session

The Inside Track: Mindfulness in Social Purpose Organizations and the Community

Mindfulness is well established as a transformative practice for individuals – leading to greater wellbeing, resilience, clarity and energy for growth. The next stage for the evolution of mindfulness is to take it into the heart of our communities, placing its powerful possibilities for change directly into the hands of the people who can most benefit from it. This session sets out a model for doing exactly this, developed by the UK mindfulness and coaching social enterprise Rising Minds. ‘The Inside Track’ is a new approach to teaching mindfulness in social purpose organizations and the communities they serve. It’s about supporting and sustaining the long-term resilience, leadership and creativity of social purpose organizations and all their stakeholders. Extraordinary insights can arise when people from diverse backgrounds come together to cultivate the same core human capacities.

This new approach is about two key stages:

1) Teaching the core principles and practices of mindfulness.

2) Giving people simple and effective tools to pass on that learning widely throughout their organisations and communities.

This is ultimately about empowering people in organizations and communities to co-create mindfulness-based programmes that work for them, in their particular situation. In the process, this helps people to sustain long-term mindfulness practices, and to be part of a vibrant community of practitioners. This can help organizations and communities develop as ‘whole systems’ the same core capacities that each of us can as individuals: resilience, self-determination, strategic effectiveness, emotional intelligence and cultural sensitivity. These qualities are more needed than ever at a time of major societal challenges – post-Covid recovery, the cost of living crisis, and climate emergency.

Tim Segaller

Tim Segaller is a Mindfulness Teacher, Author and Coach who helps people in many settings to connect with their natural energy, courage and inspiration to thrive in life and work. Through his social enterprise Rising Minds, Tim works with leaders and teams in social purpose organisations, and people in the community. Rising Minds loves to bring these two groups together to learn extraordinary things from each other, and to learn how to spread the transformative benefits of mindfulness deep into the heart of the community.

In all his work, Tim seeks to bring a no-nonsense approach – a blend of coaching, mindfulness, and positive psychology – that cuts through theoretical complexity. It enables people, regardless of their background or context, to access deeper resources of clarity, wellbeing and resolve.

Key areas of expertise:

1. Inner leadership: Cultivating resilience; managing stress; thinking clearly

2. Self-awareness: Developing deep appreciation of your true values, strengths, and motivators

3. Strong relationships: Cultivating emotional intelligence; leadership; influencing; managing people

4. Getting into action: Developing clear action plans that move you, your team or organisation towards your goals