Call For Proposals

The Call for Proposals for A Mindful Society Learning Summit 2022 is now CLOSED!

We are inviting proposals from professionals, practitioners and artists applying mindfulness in health, education, workplace and other settings. We’re looking for workshops, presentations, panels with Q&A and mindfulness practices for the upcoming A Mindful Society 2022 learning summit. The event will be virtual with sessions spread across the week of June 11 – 18, 2022. 

This is your opportunity to share your work and network with the global mindfulness community.  We are working to create a more mindful society by integrating mindfulness into all facets of work and life. We are seeking submissions from educators, health professionals, clinicians, researchers, leaders, artists, mindfulness facilitators and contemplatives from any sector or discipline.  We encourage First Nations, Indigenous Peoples, those from racialized communities and those living and/or working in underserved and underrepresented communities to apply.

Presenters will be asked to present sometime between June 11 to June 18, 2022. Specific dates and times will be provided once all presenters have been selected and confirmed. The selection process is blind. A panel of Mindful Society Global Institute Advisors and Members will review and select presentations based on a comprehensive selection criteria outlined in this form.

All selected presenters will be provided complimentary access to the A Mindful Society 2022 Virtual Learning Summit (valued at $475 USD).

Before you submit an application, please thoroughly review the application instructions.  

You must indicate the type of session you’re proposing and what key topic(s) your session will speak to and/or practices you will lead.

Types of Sessions (each session includes time for audience Q&A):

  • Workshop 60-minute presentation that engages participants with hands-on activities, experiential learning, and evidence-based application.
  • Case Study 60-minute session presenting on a specific research study, project or initiative. These sessions should include a clear overview of the objectives, the significance of the work, unique approaches/methods, results and conclusions.
  • Panel Discussion 60-minute panel discussion featuring an organization, group of presenters, presentation of a research study / case study / initiative. 
  • Mindfulness Practice 30-minute session offering/guiding participants through a contemplative, evidence-based or alternative type of mindfulness practice. 
  • Art / Performance – a digital offering of your art / performance. This could include a 30 or 60-minute session, recorded video, interactive digital application for participants to experience, or other creative and thought-provoking media to engage our audience during the virtual event. (i.e. music, dance, installation, video, interactive, poetry, conceptual, paintings, photography, etc.)

Guiding Principles

The selection process is blind. A panel of Mindful Society Global Institute Advisors and members will individually review each submission and score them on key criteria. Once we’ve shortlisted the highest-scoring submissions, we will make final selections to ensure a diversity of presenters, disciplines, motivations, and target audiences. For full transparency, here are the criteria by which your submission will be scored:

  • Relevant: Is this important now? Does this relate to the role of mindfulness and compassion in today’s changing context / current affairs (pandemic, climate, justice, economy, contemplative practice, etc.)?
  • Inspiring: Does this reveal new possibilities, inspire hope for the future, or challenge the status quo with respect to integrating mindfulness and compassion in society?
  • Integrative: Will the presenter(s) situate and approach their topic within a diverse range of disciplines / traditions / approaches, integrating and including a number of relevant perspectives?
  • Accessible: Is this framed in a way that will attract those from other disciplines/traditions/cultures as well as your own, and presented in a way that they can understand and engage with?
  • Credible: Is there a breadth and depth of personal and professional experience and credibility within the presenters and the organization(s) with which they are affiliated?
  • Actionable: Is this something practical which attendees can directly apply to create change in their setting?

Key topics

Based on participant feedback from previous learning summits, events and courses, we have identified the following list of topics. If you wish to submit an offering that covers a topic other than these there is an option to do so. 

  • Pandemic: trauma, healing, changes in behaviour and society, the future of sectors
  • Diversity & Accessibility: advancing inclusion, expanding racialized communities, Indigenous  and LGBTQ2+ accessibility, integrating First Nations teachings, and belonging
  • Technology: emerging mobile-solutions, democratization of mindfulness, impact and potential
  • Engaged Practice: supporting underserved populations, addressing social, cultural and political change, Dharma in action, environmentalism
  • Mental Health: practical applications, therapies, and approaches to address wellbeing
  • Workplace Adoption: successes, challenges, and how to gain the support of key stakeholders and decision makers
  • Research: what connections to mindfulness (intrapersonal, interpersonal, group,  organizational, and/or societal) are emerging from scientific research?
  • Compassion: programs, integrations, and applications for self-regulation, self-exploration, and self-liberation.
  • Wisdom Tradition: sharing a conceptual and experiential understanding of a specific spiritual and/or secular tradition and its relation to mindfulness.
  • Practical Application: programs, protocols, and/or practices that have integrated mindfulness and that have been applied successfully in the field.
  • Other: contribute a topic that your presentation will speak to

Presenter Integrity of Intention and Conference Content Adherence Requirements

A Mindful Society 2022 Learning Summit is not a venue for overt solicitation, unauthorized recruitment, and/or selling of any unauthorized materials by presenters. This type of behavior is prohibited. We stipulate this to protect the integrity of our summit and to ensure professionalism.  Providing materials relevant to your specific presentation is encouraged.

By submitting this form, you are indicating agreement to these requirements. In the unlikely event that your presentation is deemed to be advancing an agenda other than those recognized by the Mindful Society Global Institute, you may be asked to provide us with a further statement and/or declaration of financial bias and/or conflict of interest as part of the final selection process.

Submit Your Application*

*Once you begin filling out this form you cannot come back to it later – we recommend you complete your answers in a separate document prior to filling out this form, to ensure you have a saved copy in the event something goes wrong with the browser.

Download a PDF copy of the submission form for your reference. Click here.

If you have any questions please email us at [email protected] 

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