Tiffany Goulet, OCT-BA/BEd, RYT-500

Tiffany Goulet, OCT-BA/BEd, RYT-500
Practicing yoga teacher

Tiffany is a practicing teacher and 500 hr RYT who focuses on children’s yoga and mindfulness. She holds her 120 hr Self-Reg Foundations certificate through Dr. Shanker’s MEHRIT Centre. She has practiced yoga for 4 years under Prasad Ragnekar and recently led a $30000 TLLP project to share/implement mindfulness in schools. She runs workshops and develops mindfulness resources for as Enlightened.

The Mindful Movement: A Journey Toward Self-Regulation
Saturday, May 2, 2020 — 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

This session will tell the story of one educator’s journey to share mindfulness with an entire school board in Northwestern Ontario (TNCDSB).
In 2016, Tiffany Goulet observed that students and staff were struggling with dysregulation, excessive stress, lack of focus, missing connections and struggled to self-regulated. She could see the impacts this was having on well-being, social interactions and academic success. The stress of supporting 30 children that year and being in that system led her first to a near burnout and then to yoga. This would be the beginning of an incredible journey for this teacher.

In 2018-2019, Tiffany wrote and led a $30000 Teacher Learning and Leadership Program project through the Ministry of Education. The project titled The Mindful Movement: A Journey Toward Self-Regulation looked at supporting students in their ability to self-regulated through the sharing of mindfulness practices. She believed that if students experienced mindfulness, took the time each day to practice, reduced stressors and began to embody these practices that this would positively influence them, the classroom and the system. She knew there was something fundamental missing in our current education system and without addressing this, belonging, well-being and academics were affected.

The project spanned an entire year, involved well over 30 staff members in one school alone, hundreds of children and included experts from Peterborough to Mumbai. The goal was to support the staff to experience the practices, understand the benefits and eventually embody and share this naturally in their own classrooms. Feedback from the project indicated that stress levels were reduced, self-awareness increased as did compassion and empathy, all things that needed immediate attention in our current education climate.
Tiffany will share the struggles, the successes, the considerations and the collaboration it took to move mindfulness from one classroom through to an entire system.

Participants will come away with:

  • The appreciation of the potential that mindfulness can offer to children (people) of any age in any setting
  • A better understanding of how mindfulness supports focus, awareness, community, self-regulation and overall well-being
  • A feeling of inspiration to be able to share mindfulness with others regardless of barriers that they may face (the journey starts with one)