Suzanne Jewell

Suzanne Jewell
Chief Experience Officer & Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

AMS2022 Learning Session

Why Mindfulness + Nature = The Key to Human Resilience

Be transported to the 20-acre forest & nature preserve to experience the mindful nature immersion practices which help you P.A.W.S. (pay attention with your senses). Engaging the felt sense of Nature’s sights, sounds, smells, touches and taste will transport you to an inner garden of lowered cortisol and ease in the body. Learning how to also “stand in the wind” like the interwoven treescape, you will begin to build inner resolve, resources and resilience. This session is a near-virtual-trip to the benefits of nature immersion when combined with mindfulness practices, which is the work Suzanne is doing at Patch of Heaven Forest Sanctuary.

Suzanne Jewell

Suzanne Jewell, walks in the role of Chief Experience Officer at Patch of Heaven Forest Sanctuary and as the Founder of The Mindful Entrepreneur Training Group. Suzanne is a former global TV executive, helped launch Video On Demand for the Hollywood movie studios, then led strategic marketing and communications for Cisneros TV in 47 countries, with brands like AOL Latin America and DirecTV. Brand initiatives she has overseen for her own agency include clients such as The Gates Foundation Alive & Thrive Ethiopia project, Governor Jeb Bush’s Office of Trade, Tourism & Economic Development for the Summit of the Americas, 1st World Happiness Summit, City of Miami Beach, Broward Center for the Performing Arts Business To Culture program, as well as fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg.

At the sanctuary, which is a sustainable nature preserve just 20 miles south of Miami, Suzanne’s focus is to support human wellness at the speed of Nature for teams, corporate retreats and individuals seeking to grow forward and not return to normal at this important time of Earth’s history. Having experienced a health scare with an unruptured aneurysm, mindfulness and Nature helped Suzanne get back on track. Visiting Miami parks, she also became keenly aware of an immense #GreenSpaceEquity issue that is an underlying and ongoing wellness challenge. Access to clean, safe, inviting and well-maintained green space of parks is not equally distributed, with BIPOC communities often missing out on nature’s benefits to wellbeing. She is spearheading a project to create Mindful Pocket Parks in urban centers to address the green space equity issue and offer the healing aspects of nature. She is a featured mindfulness, anxiety & wellbeing coach on the global app Wellness Coach, having taught daily during the 1st year of the pandemic online.

Suzanne has recently completed an one-year residence at the Open Awareness Buddhist Center in El Portal, Florida, is a certified mindfulness meditation teacher, HeartMath Resilience trainer, ICF certified life coach, prayer chaplain, and has trained in trauma-sensitive meditation training, compassion & integrity and is completing a 9-month trauma healing program. Suzanne can be found in Miami offering her signature 10-minute Mindful Moment to open events like the Fintech Philanthropy event led by Chapman Partnership for the Homeless with the Miami Dade County Civid & Philanthropy partnership, or at the Biscayne Bay Summit at Florida International University.

Suzanne trains in mindful leadership, growth mindset, social and emotional intelligence and resilience at Miami Dade College’s Idea Center for staff and student entrepreneurs, as well as Babson College’s Global Women’s Entrepreneur Leadership program for staff and female founders, as well as leads private corporate mindful resilience events for clients such as AllVue Wealth Management Systems, Credit Agricole, Wolfson Campus President’s Office (MDC), the Miami International Book Fair, Philanthropy Miami, LiveHappy Magazine. She also appears regularly on Inside South Florida TV with her “Mini Mindful Moments” to address pandemic overwhelm, the Surfside Tower collapse, zoom fatigue and other mental wellbeing topics. She’s co-created the Young Minds Meditate series with Lama Karma Chotso, led the Mindful High Watch 2020 program and regularly convenes a Mindful Compassion Circle & Prayer Gathering for Mother Earth.