Lindsay McDonald

Lindsay McDonald
FreshEye Thinking, IAF, CEF and Roots Collaborative Member

Lindsay has been working in the creativity field for over 30 years. As a composer, she has worked with dancers and actors co-sensing and co-creating productions using movement, music and text. Lindsay carries this practice – of bringing all of the senses to inform ’the moment’ – into her work as a facilitator and consultant in social change and innovation.

Bodies of Insight in Complex Times
Sunday, May 3, 2020 — 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Understanding complexity with complexity: complex systems are most simply understood by inviting the most complex system we have at our fingertips – our own bodies – to explore them. This participatory and active workshop invites participants to experience their body as a ‘holder of knowledge’, bringing attention to psychical techniques that help to unlock insight into the patterns, and systems that impact our cultures and, ultimately, our lives.

Participants will:

  • Experience the body as an information source into your mind, actions, and beliefs
  • Access and experience ‘body knowledge’
  • Gain insight into a place in your life where you’re feeling stuck
  • Feel what is emerging – sensing the possibility

This workshop is highly experiential and interactive. We recommend that you have privacy and space to move (you will be invited to lie on the floor) and that you wear comfortable clothing.