Krista Kilian

Krista Kilian
Certified Nature and First Therapy Guide (ANFT)

Krista is a certified Nature Therapy guide or Forest Bathing guide with the Association of Nature Therapy and international bestselling author. By day she is an Outdoor Educator with the TDSB. Krista has presented at numerous conferences and events including training TRCA staff, provincial conferences for outdoor educators and more. The forest is her second home.

Forest Bathing – An Immersion of the Senses (Practice)
Saturday, May 2, 2020 — 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM

The Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku, translated to “Forest bathing” or forest Therapy in English, is beginning to take root here in Canada and must be experienced to be fully absorbed. Your Certified Guide will open the door to connection through a series of “invitations”, intentionally designed to awaken the senses to our place in the more than human world, while holding space for you to discover self-truths and meaningful exchanges with others in the forest. There is nothing quite like it, and scientific research has shown multiple healing benefits to this mindfulness practice including lowered heart rate and blood pressure, reduced anxiety and depression, increased focus, elevated mood, boosted immunity and more! Come get a small taste of what forest therapy has to offer you and leave with a deeper understanding of your inner Nature.

This session is best experienced in the most natural of settings possible. If situating oneself in a forest or other wild area is not possible for you at this time, any outdoor space will do, where one can experience the sights, sounds, smells and textures of nature. In order to be present, please be aware of the following:

You should have a fully charged battery on your device- external battery packs are great as well to ensure you do not drop out of the experience part way through.

Having a set of earphones/earbuds- so one ear can be listening to your guide, while the other tunes in to the sounds around you

Dress for the weather- make sure you have comfortable shoes and clothing well suited to sitting still in nature for an hour. Dress warmer than you think you will need; you can always remove layers if needed.

Give yourself time to arrive at your “nature spot” so that the experience may begin ON TIME. There will be others participating, and coming in part way is both distracting and takes away from your own experience.

Three Takeaways:
Calm and peace
Joyful Nature connection
Wonder, surprise and insight