Juditta Ben David MA, SEP

Juditta Ben David MA, SEP
Founder of Mindfulness in Arabic

Juditta Ben-David MA SEP, is a Psychotherapist and International lecturer in the field of Mindfulness-based treatment of trauma and resiliency building; MBSE, CRM, DARe, SE, EMDR are a few of her tools. Juditta is an avid meditator and advanced instructor of Mindfulness and Compassion practices. MBSR, MSC, and more.

She has volunteered with Syrian and Kurdish refugees and their counselors since 2014, as ToWo Group and Mindfulness in Arabc (MIA) director and senior trainer, and a cross cultural group facilitator. She has trained professionals across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East since 2000. She is also a singer and an authentic movement facilitator.

Mindfulness in Arabic (MiA) is dedicated to providing Trauma-informed culturally adapted Mindfulness training in Arabic. We believe that giving Arabic-speaking refugees access to Mindfulness tools and supporting a ground-up community of practitioners, will reduce violence, stop the perpetuation of trauma, and support World Peace Work.

In addition to our flagship, a free 8-week online course, we offer a diverse menu of professional development services for organizations and individuals working with refugees including; Trauma and resiliency group workshops, skill-building including somatic experiencing and community resilience and the specifics of working in a cross-cultural setting.