Dr. Cheryl Fraser

Dr. Cheryl Fraser
Mindful Loving, Ph.D Clinical Psychologist, Sex Therapist, Buddhist teacher

Dr. Cheryl Fraser is a Psychologist, Sex Therapist, and Author of Buddha’s Bedroom – The Mindful Loving Path to Sexual Passion & Lifelong Intimacy. A Fulbright scholar & Buddhist teacher, she studies what causes love relationships to succeed or fail. She writes for Mindful magazine. She has been studying and practicing in both the Tibetan Vajrayana and Theravada traditions for over 25 years.

Mindfulness is Not Enough – Practicing Seven Factors of Enlightened Love & Sex
Sunday, May 3, 2020 — 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

This workshop is designed to give participants a clear overview of basic teachings of Buddhist meditation – which includes Mindfulness and six other factors – and to show them how to apply those teachings to their own love relationships and those of clients they may work with.

The purpose of this workshop is to teach meditative techniques and show how mindfulness can be applied to our erotic life.

Topics include:
* The Seven Factors of Enlightened Sex – Mindfulness, Curiosity, Enthusiasm, Bliss, Tranquility, Concentration, & Equanimity how to help clients (and ourselves) cultivate the mental/emotional states that lead to bliss and a sense of merging with our partner
* Mindfulness solutions for Sexual Desire Disconnect – how to slow your mind, access mental desire through mindful fantasy, stimulate physical arousal through mindful touch, and utilize these solo sexual practices to recreate sexual passion in a long-term relationship
* How to practice conscious orgasm, how to ride the sexual response cycle and practice non orgasmic, Tantric sexuality with extended orgasm and full-body orgasm
* Review of research on the impact of Mindfulness on Sexual Desire, arousal, satisfaction – and the application of Mindfulness to sexual pain disorder
* How Tantric Meditation creates multiple, extended, and full body orgasms

At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:
* discriminate between physical arousal and mental desire – the two keys to the erotic engine
* apply mindfulness practices to help turn themselves on, and to recreate sexual attraction in a long-term relationship
* employ the model of the seven factors of enlightened sex to sex therapy
* utilize Tantric sexuality techniques that increase curiosity, concentration, and sexual bliss.

Participants will come away with:

  • There are seven factors of meditation, and Mindfulness is just one of them. This session will teach participants to practice the factors of curiosity, effort, pleasure, tranquility, concentration, and equanimity – which will deepen and enhance their own meditation practice
  • Participants will learn about the research that shows how mindfulness practice enhances many aspects of sexual desire, arousal, and satisfaction
  • They will learn powerful techniques to enhance their own romantic life