We believe deeply in integrating research, personal practices and business skills – to bring about real change. Everyone has a potential to cultivate their authentic leadership – and in this way contribute to bringing about positive change to their organizations and societies. We would like to help you unlock this.

Two tenets of modern working life underpin all of our work.

Performance and care are inseparable.

Modern working life is complex and requires us to be motivated, willing to learn, and be collaborative. This will not happen unless we take care of ourselves and our colleagues. Thus performance and care are deeply inseparable – at all times.

Personal growth and business growth are inseparable.

If we want to cultivate a growth mindset in our business work, we have to have the same approach in relating to ourselves as individuals and all individuals in the organisations we are in. Business transformation will only succeed based on personal transformation.

Our Approach

We work at bringing the understanding of this out through leading edge insights from neuroscience, and anchoring and embodying them through mindfulness.